August 18th, 2003

Johnny - He's darn hot. XD

Because I am insane.

As of now, I am taking requests for mood sets, for free of course. (Though, hey, if you like your set and want to give me something like..I don't know..2 months of LJ service on my personal (traceace), writing (simple_iniquity), or this journal for the time and effort, I won't be mad. ;) )

Here's what you need to do for me:

-The set's focus. Give me lots of picture links for it if it's not POTC or LOTR actor-based.
-The height and width of the icons. If you don't give me this, it will be a default size of 97x49.
-Border color.
-Picture color. If you want the pictures to all be one color, tell me. If you don't specify, they will be just normal pictures.
-Anything else you may want.

Just be as specific as possible with your request. I also install these things, but you would have to give me your LJ password to do that...but we can iron out those details when I'm done with your set. ;)

Please remember that you need a PAID ACCOUNT to have a mood set. I don't want to make you one and find out you can't use it.

So um, yeah. ^^ If you want to see previous mood sets I've done, check out here, here, and here. The first one is my current set on my personal LJ (It's Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd based), the second is my "famed" POTC set ;), and the third one is a custom one I made for my friend, cornmouse. As you can see, I use different pictures for each mood. This means it may also take a while to do your set. Do you KNOW how hard it is to make that many unique ones? x_X

So um, yeah. Feel free to ask me to make you one. It may take a bit, but I WILL get it done.

And, of course, first come, first serve. If you ask after someone else, you'll have to wait until I'm done with their set. 'Tis only fair. -nod-
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